Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carmela Soprano's Sausage, Pepper and Onion Hero and Anna Sultana's Heroes (Cold Cut Sandwiches, Maltese Style)

Summer's in full swing in Manitoba.  Time for picnics.

Carmela didn't have any picnic menus in Entertaining with The Sopranos, but there's a nice collection of potential picnic fare in her Small Events for Men Only chapter.  Heroes along with vegetable and cheese side dishes.

No.  I learned my lesson.  I have nothing to say about anybody's cheesecake.  Put whatever you want in yours.  It's all good.

Back to the heroes.  Thought I'd try Carmela's Sausage, Pepper and Onion Hero.  

Carmela really knows how to pack her rolls.  Let's put it this way - they're as filled as the sandwiches Subway shows in their commercials.  Yeah.  Thick with fillings.  Not like the ones you actually get.

Each Italian-style sausage gets served with a quarter of an onion and half a bell pepper on a crusty hero roll.  I like her using both a red and a green pepper.  Makes it more attractive.

Carmela's recipe sounds pretty official.  Relax.  If onions give you gas, skip them.  If you prefer red peppers, just use them.  The boys won't come visiting if you personalize the recipe.

Ma wasn't big on fully loaded sausage sandwiches.  Cold cuts were more her style.  The vegetables would have been served on the side.  I checked my Maltese cook books.  Meat pies were more popular.  Maybe it was the British influence.  They're big on meat pies, pasties, too.  

I have nothing to say about what anybody puts in their pies.  Put whatever you want in yours.  It's all good.

Next time I make spaghetti sauce I'll fry some extra sausages, peppers and onions and set them aside for a few sandwiches.

A bit of leftover sauce wouldn't hurt, either. 

Another recipe down.  Fifty-two more to go.

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