Sunday, August 29, 2010

Carmela Soprano's Stuffed Mushrooms and Anna Sultana's Qaqocc Mimli (Stuffed Artichokes, Maltese Style)

In a perfect world meals are the result of study and reflection.  Without the culinary arts, existence would be unbearable.

Well... that's what Hugh Jackman said in Kate & Leopold and I believed everything he said while he was wearing that cute suit.

I live in an imperfect world.  

Sometimes my meals are a result of scanning the flyers.

This week Sobeys is having mushrooms, buy one - get one free.

Alrighty then.

Back to Carmela's Entertaining with The Sopranos.  Eureeka!!!  Carmela has a recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms.  If stuffing mushrooms is your thing, you know what to do.  Snap stems, fill with finely chopped stems, seasoned breadcrumbs and olive oil, and bake at 400º for 20 minutes.

Want exact measurements?
Here's the recipe for Carmela Soprano's Stuffed Mushrooms.

She said to wash the mushrooms under running water.  I prefer wiping them with a damp cloth so they won't get mushy.  

Mushrooms weren't on the menu at Ma's house.  I don't know if they weren't available in College Point or if she'd had a bad experience with a mushy one.

I've looked through my Maltese cook books and there wasn't any mention of mushrooms.  Maybe it just wasn't part of the regular diet.

Qaqocc Mimli is a bit more of a hassle than the mushrooms.  

The artichokes have to be soaked in salted water for 25 minutes.  Then the leaves have to be opened by taking the upside down artichokes and smashing them against a table top.  The stuffing includes finely chopped anchovies, garlic and olives, along with the breadcrumbs.

The artichokes are then placed in a saucepan.  Oil and vinegar are drizzled on the chokes and water is added to the pan.  Cover and simmer for 1  1/2 hours, or until the leaves can be easily pulled out.

Like I said, more of a hassle.

Would I make Carmela's Stuffed Mushrooms?    

Sure, they're easy and mushrooms are often on sale.

Another recipe down.  Forty-eight more to go.

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