Monday, August 25, 2014

Farewell, Summer 2014 by Margaret Ullrich

Folks around here are actually looking forward to the arrival of Autumn.
Even the kids are eager to get back to school.
With the summer we’ve been through, who can blame them?

Here in Winnipeg it’s been the summer from hell.
Hot during the week, with almost guaranteed rain during the weekends.
Occasionally there was also rain during the week.

Actually, we shouldn’t be surprised that summer has been so unpleasant.
We’ve just been through a winter that was awful and never wanted to end.
We lost a lot of our plants because of the winter kill.

The worst part of the summer was that it mostly rained during the weekends.
Yesterday was just another soggy Sunday.
Well, some Winnipeggers, with snorkels and canoes, managed to have some fun in the flooded streets, God bless them.

The excessive waterworks wasn’t just here in the midwest.
Folks in Suffolk County in Long Island, New York suffered through a day of rain that caused as much damage as a hurricane would.
They’ve started a petition to get government aid to help them recover.
If you live in the states, please click and sign.  Thanks!

The only good thing about a summer that can’t be enjoyed outdoors is that it’s a perfect time for catching up with indoor chores.

After all this, what else can we say but - Bugger off, Summer 2014!!
Autumn is here, in all its seasonal glory.
Time for crisp weather, brilliant colours, hearty meals.
Holidays, with all the traditional fuss and foods, are coming!
Let's get ready to enjoy them!
Our homes have never looked better.

About tonight’s new moon in Virgo…
According to the folks at
Order, organization and the value of routine are highlighted by the Virgo new Moon, which will leave you torn between making plans and simply forging ahead. 
The next four weeks are ideal for shuffling your schedule to make it more efficient, and de-cluttering both your commitments and your space.

Pay more attention to health, organization and how you might be wasting or losing time and energy by not having a good plan.

It’s time for a fresh start, a new beginning.
Maybe a new schedule, a little tweaking here, a few changes there.
And Virgo will give us a hand!

Good health, better planning and lots of energy to you all! 

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  1. Hi Marg: living at the lake has given me a different perspective than you of the summer. I think we got far less rain than many parts of the province. For the most part, August was pretty darn nice in the Interlake. Here's hoping Sept will bring us some more nice weather.


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