Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh, Canada! by Margaret Ullrich

1972 Shasta (8 x 11 ft.)
Next week both Canada and the U. S. celebrate being who they are.
Our flyers here are full of July first ads.
And the American channels are running ads for fourth of July sales.
Well, shopping is one way to celebrate, I guess.

We're having one of those wet summers where it seems to rain every weekend, and a few times during the week.
Not great if you're working Monday to Friday.
No big deal if you're retired.

In 1972 Paul and I, with just a little over two months of marriage under our belts, packed all we owned into an 8 by 11 foot trailer and trekked across the trans-Canada highway heading to Vancouver, British Columbia.

We had just gotten our driver’s licences that year.
Hey, we were New Yorkers, and all we knew were buses and subways.
I mean, where could one park a car?

It was quite the adventure.
If you’re thinking of driving across the continent, either north or south of the border, here’s a sample of what you might expect.

You’ve been warned.


  1. Margaret, just saw you on Twitter. I look forward to coming back and following these links about your journey!


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