Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carmela Soprano's Pizza Rustica, Anna Sultana's Ricotta Torte (Ricotta Pie, Maltese Style)

Don't get excited.  This isn't your usual When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie pizza.  This is more like a cheese pie.  Sort of a quiche.  With a lattice top crust like a cherry pie.  Like Americans have for Presidents' Day.  It's traditional to make Pizza Rustica for Easter.  Warn the kids.
If you didn't know, "pizza" means pie.  Yeah, it is silly to say "pie pie", but everyone knows what you mean, so don't worry about it.  Keep saying "pizza pie".  Nobody cares.

Carmela's Pizza Rustica is not exactly what the doctor ordered if you have a cholesterol problem.  Frankly, sometime's Carmela's recipes are more deadly than what Tony and the boys do to people they've decided should be sleeping with the fishes.  And if Carmela's always using traditional recipes, it's no wonder the guys look the way they do.  

Her pie crust is a killer: shortening, butter and eggs.  If you're trying to cut the fat, if not the cheese, go to my pie crust recipe.  That'll make for a lighter bottom crust.  It'll be our secret. 

But then there's Carmela's filling.  Okay... ricotta's safe.  But, then she throws in eggs, romano, mozzarella, ham, prosciutto and soppressata (salami).  In an aside, Carmela added:    

You can substitute other meats or cheese as you prefer, like capicola (gobagool), cooked sausage, mild pepperoni, provolone, etc.  Some people add sliced hard-cooked eggs too.

You get the picture.  What's nice to know is that this artery buster can be stored in the refrigerator, covered, up to 3 days.

Ma's Ricotta Torte is lighter and simpler.  No meat.  No hard-cooked eggs.

I'll stick to that.

It's traditional.

But still, remember to warn the kids.

Another recipe down.  Sixty-nine more to go.     

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