Sunday, April 17, 2011

F. B., or not F. B. - Being 60 (week 50 - by Margaret Ullrich)

It's Palm Sunday.
Oh, crap.

I didn't do anything on my Lent List.
I didn't even manage to read that little black book every day.
Don't be ridiculous.
Not THAT little black book.
I haven't had a little black book like that for over 40 years.
Well to be honest, I never had a little black book like that.
At most I had a page's worth of phone numbers.
Not a whole book's worth.
We're talking the 60s.
Now folks need a page to keep track of someone's phone, cell, email, etc. etc.

I'm talking about the little black book I got from church on Ash Wednesday.
I was supposed to read 2 pages every day.

I meant to.
It seemed simple enough.
The book has large print.
I don't know where the time went. 

Well, maybe I know where some of it went.
Okay... quite a bit of it.

It started simply enough.
I got in touch with some relatives.
Then some old classmates.
Then some friends.
Then some work-related people.
Then some friends of friends I met through FB conversations.


Okay... there's one week to go before Easter.
Time to bite the bullet.
Time to show I haven't forgotten everything I learned at St. Fidelis.
Time to show I still have that old time religion.
Time to show I still have the 'right stuff'.
Time to show I still have some self control.

Time to stop facebooking.
At least until Easter.

I can do that.

Can't I?

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