Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Traditional Family Easter (part 5 by Margaret Ullrich)

 Continued from part 4

   Aunt Demi announced, “We are having a traditional Maltese Easter dinner.  With a traditional figolli.”
    “Do you think our Blessed Mother baked a mermaid?” Aunt Rita sneered.  
    Demi lunged.  Liz wrote.  

    The lamb was ready.  If this dragged on much longer it would be a lump of coal.  

    Ma sighed, glared at her sisters-in-law and said, “I don’t care if our Blessed Mother made hot dogs and beans.  I’m tired of cleaning.  I’m tired of baking.  I’m tired of the whole damn holiday.  

    And I’m tired of bread.  A few days ago I gave a figolli to a friend who lives down the street.  Yesterday she came over and gave me a loaf of hallah.  So I have another traditional bread from Mrs. Cohen . . . Mrs. Cohen.  That’s it!!” 

    Without saying another word Ma turned and went back to the kitchen.  In a few minutes she returned with the glossy braided hallah on the platter.  

    “Our Blessed Mother was a Jew.  She would’ve made a hallah.  And that’s what we’re having for Easter.  It’s traditional.  Shut up, sit down and eat.”

    And so saying, Ma started our traditional Easter Dinner.

                                                    - The End -

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