Friday, July 22, 2011

Anna Sultana's Fruit & Cheese Combinations

My Lord, it's been hot here in the prairies.
A lousy, muggy hot.
A lousy, muggy, too-hot-to-cook hot.

So, don't.

Okay, I know they still want to eat.
But, to be honest, not a heavy meal.
Just something light.

What could be better than fruit and cheese?
Throw in some nice bread - and maybe some cold cuts - and you've hit the 
major 4 food groups.
Then again cheese is a protein as well as a dairy.
Think of it as a two-fer.
And stay cool.

Now these are the cheeses we had when I was a kid.
Nothing fancy.
Our local markets hadn't discovered goat cheese in the 50s.
Or any of the other fancy shmancy cheeses around nowadays.
These combos go nicely together.

Bel Paese with ripe cherries and plums
Gorgonzola with pears, bananas and apples
Provolone with apples and watermelon
Ricotta with berries and figs
Caciocavallo with small crackers

Then again, maybe you'd prefer a different combo.
Or have something else in the fridge.
Suit yourself.
It's too hot to argue.

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