Friday, September 9, 2011

9/11 Memorial by Margaret Ullrich

Lori Hootah and Lori Sterneck Odishoo posted this idea on Facebook.  

I shared it a few days ago on Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate.  

I'm posting it here today in case you don't read my Winnipeg blog.  

If you don't have the right candles, you still have some time to buy them. 
If you want to light other candles, that's fine, too. 
It's the thought.  

Peace, everyone.   

10th Anniversary Candle Memorial   

Sunday, September 11 · 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm  

Right where you are.  
Outside in front of your home, apartment, where ever you happen to be.  

At dusk light 3 candles in memory of all those that we lost 10 years ago.   

RED: for the FDNY firefighters and EMS workers 
WHITE: for all the citizens that were lost that day 
BLUE: for the NYPD and PAPD officers and Military  

This is similar to what was done the first couple of nights after the attack. 
There are no words that can describe the loss and pain of that day, so let 
our actions speak for us.  

Light your candles to show the world we will never forget September 11th, 
to show the survivors that we still are thinking about them and 
to show all those that lost loved ones that we still grieve with them.

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