Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labour Day by Margaret Ullrich

Labour Day is a wonderful holiday.

It's one of the few holidays when folks actually do take a holiday.
The other holidays have stores open for as many hours as the law allows.
And folks prowling the aisles, just like on any other day.

But nobody messes with Labour Day.
Not in Canada.
Not even in never-pay-full-price Winnipeg.

Maybe it's because it's the last holiday before winter hits.
It's still warm enough for a day at the beach.
Swimming on Thanksgiving?
I don't think so.

Maybe it's because it's the last holiday before school starts.
The last hurrah before hitting the books.
The last weekend before the family is tied to the school schedule.
Meetings, projects and homework.

Maybe it's because it's the last holiday of an old year.
There's a feeling of a new beginning in the air.
Tom Hanks even noticed that in the movie You've Got Mail.
And you can't argue with Tom Hanks.

So... I'm wishing you a restful day.
A day to enjoy.
A day to reflect.
a day to make choices.

Why wait until January 1?

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