Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Scents and Aromatherapy - Margaret Ullrich

Different scents can help creat different moods.  There have been studies on the healing properties of aromatherapy, including one in the palliative care department at the St. Boniface Hopspital.  Lavender oil was misted from diffusers to make the air smell good and to allleviate stress.

But, you don't have to buy fancy candles or sprays.  
Just go to your garden... or spice rack.

Which scent does what?   
Clary sage is warming and reduces stress.
Peppermint stimulates the brain, nerves and metabolism.  It also relieves inflammation. 
Thyme and Rosemary are warming and refreshing.  
Rosemary also improves circulation and stimulates other bodily functions.  
Lemon reduces stress and sharpens the senses.
Orange is cooling and calming.
Lime and grapefruit are both refreshing.
Clove uplifts moods and is a mental stimulant.  It is also said to be an aphrodisiac and an insect repellant.
A little rosemary, basil or peppermint oil in an infuser can help you focus. 

Lavender is an herb which reduces stress and is also an insect repellant.  Its name comes from the Latin lavare, since it was a favorite bath water additive of the Greeks and Romans.  
Lavender has antiseptic qualities and can be used as an analgesic on cooled burns. 

Fresh aromas can help trigger memories and are less likely to cause allergic reactions than chemical room fresheners.

You can perfume your home in a variety of ways: 
spritzing essential oils into the air
tucking sachets behind the cushions 
rinsing your laundry in floral water     

Herbs are a natural remedy to help you achieve relaxation and restful sleep.  Scent your bedroom with bergamot, jasmine, lavender or marjoram.  
Taking an herbal bath, using lavender, chamomile, basil, geranium or marjoram essential oils, is an effective way to unwind.  

There aren't any side affects from smelling spices, and sage and rosemary also go great with chicken. 

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