Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mustard (seeds and ground) / Homemade Hot Chinese Mustard - Margaret Ullrich

Mustard is not a mystery ingredient.
It's probably the first spice a kid grabs.
Especially in the summer.
I mean, what's a hot dog without mustard?

Everybody knows that creamy golden glop on top.
And prepared mustard comes in such a variety of strengths.

Notice I said "Prepared".

Yes, mustard, as most folks know it, is prepared.
Prepared from, you guessed it, seeds.

Just like Fennel and Caraway, Mustard can be bought as seeds.

And you can actually use the seeds, as is.
Add a few to pickling brine.
Dry-roast seeds in a skillet until they pop, then add to braised cabbage 
or hot green beans.
Add some to simmering brisket or corned beef.  
Make this a St. Patrick's Day they'll remember!!

And just like the other seeds, you can easily grind Mustard seeds.
That's what the big companies do to make your old favorites.

You can do it, too!!

And what fun you can have with the powdered mustard!
Add, with roasted seeds, to white sauce.  Serve with fish and meat.

Small hint:
Mix it with cold water to make a paste before adding to other food, 
to prevent clumping.

Which reminds me...
Like Chinese take-out?
Want to have more Hot Chinese Mustard?
You can make your own!!

Hot Chinese Mustard
Mix powder with water (or vinegar, or a mix of the 2)  
Let stand 10 minutes

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