Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Bedroom, My Sanctuary by Margaret Ullrich

Time is just flying by, in a good way.
Tonight we'll have new moon number six for 2013.
Yes, the new moon is the blacked out moon.
Still... gotta love a new beginning, even if we can't really see it.

I've been trying to follow Tisha Morris' book Feng Shui Your Life.
Yes, I'm still going at my prenatal rate.
And I'm not quite following her plan exactly.
Tisha did say: …if and when you get a spontaneous urge to clear something out, go with it.  Clearing clutter can be an instinctive process, and it can be an intuitive step for self growth.

Okay… last week I got a spontaneous urge to clear our bedroom.
I decided to go with the urge.
It was part of my instinctive process, an intuitive step in my self growing.
And it was on the list.  Really.

In phase two Tisha had the item: 
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary.
Well, I don't know about our bedroom becoming a sanctuary.
I  figured I'd be ahead if I could just get rid of the junk.

I also got an urge to tackle three phase one items:
  • Clean out your closet
  • Get rid of unwanted gifts 
  • Get rid of 'just in case' items
Our crappy gifts and 'just in case' stuff were in one of the Bedroom closets.
Was that a sign or what?

Our bedroom has a small closet and a large closet.
Our small closet holds our clothes.
With room to spare.
And some clothes that should've been tossed last century.
Paul and I aren't Clinton and Stacy from TLC's What Not to Wear.
Yes, the big-shoulder clothes from 1988.
Yes, the fashions that the salesclerk had said were timeless.

Then there's the large closet.
The catch all closet.
Where did all that crap come from?

We had thrown out stuff when we'd moved here in 1988 from our previous home.
We had sworn we'd never let junk clutter our lives again.
We had started out with all sorts of good intentions.
And our closet got filled with all sorts of junk.
What is it about living in a house for twenty-five years?

Well, out they went.
The junk, the unwanted gifts, the 'just in case' items.
Four more items checked off.
I just know I'm glowing with self growth.
Tisha would be so proud.

About tonight's new moon...
According to the folks at  Lucky Jupiter joins today's new Moon... bringing abundance on all levels: more ideas, numerous projects, lots of conversations, and fresh plans… this is not the most clear-thinking time… new Moons mark new beginnings… create a plan. 

About some of the clutter in our bedroom's large closet…
I was following Tisha's rules.
The first thing she said to do was remove clutter.
So I did.
Some of the clutter got tossed out immediately.
Some was boxed for recycling or donating.
But some of the clutter was moved to the spare room.
It's sitting next to the clutter that had gathered there over the past quarter century.
Well, that can't be good.

Like the folks at said:
This is not the most clear-thinking time… create a plan. 
Yeah… I need to create a plan.


  1. I'm so guilty of keeping "those just in case" items. I keep trying to stop the habit, but hasn't worked yet.

  2. We're all guilty of that habit, Missy. Every quarter century - or when a change happens in our lives - I think it's time to do a purge.
    Even "those just in case" items can become outdated :-)


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