Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nearer My God to Thee by Margaret Ullrich

A couple of weeks ago I took the advice of the folks at and tried to create a plan for applying feng shui to my home.
Well, within limits…
Yesterday was the first day of summer.
Tomorrow is Full Moon number six for 2013.
June is the time for folks in Winnipeg to plant their gardens.
Plants need a bit of time to get settled in before July's heat bakes the life out of them.
So I knew I had to get to our garden this month.

Funny thing about the items in Tisha Morris' book Feng Shui Your Life.
Some of them I completely understand.
And then there are a few others that I just don't get.
Among the phase two items she had:
  • Paint your front door     
  • Rearrange a room 

Tisha said a red door is more welcoming.
My front door had been done when our house's exterior was painted.
It still looks good.
So, I'm not painting my front door red.
Instead I found a wreath with red flowers for the front door.
Good enough.

About rearranging a room…
We've been living in this house for 25 years.
We've tried every arrangement possible.
Oddly enough, Tisha doesn't mention anything about a garden.
So, I decided to treat our yard as a room and spruce it up a bit.

Someone once said
One is nearer to God in a garden,
than any where else on earth.
We enjoy watching birds flitting about the flowers while we have our meals.
Well, nothing's perfect.

After we mowed and weeded, I finished planting the tomatoes and annuals. 
I decided to have some fun with the decor.
Near the peonies I placed a Curious George bubble bath container and a rubber duckie.
Well, it's different and a way of moving another couple of items.
We also bought some sod to repair the threadbare areas.
I can just feel the energy of spaces being harmonized with the earth's energy.
And I get a chuckle when I look at the rubber duckie.

In phase one Tisha had the item: 
  • Clean out the basement
  • Clear out old pictures  

Clean the basement.. now there's an item I understand.
Tisha says the basement represents our lowest form of consciousness, our subconscious mind.
She also said to divide it into sections, and determine what I really need.
Sorting a basement is a bit of a hard slog.
But now our basement, if not my subconscious, is improved.

I had three boxes of photographs.
The usual snapshots.. some good, some blurred, some who the heck is that?
Tisha said one should create space to meet new people and make new memories.
Sounds good.
Out with the blurs and mystery photos.
Then there are the photos in my computer.
Okay… that's going to take a few more days.

About tonight's full moon...
According to the folks at  Now, you have the chance to step back and assess the results of what you set in motion earlier this month. 
This full Moon in ambitious Capricorn provides a valuable look at where you're headed… do what you can to maintain a healthy balance between the personal and professional areas of your life.

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