Saturday, July 6, 2013

Feng Shui and My Least Favourite Room by Margaret Ullrich

Monday night will be new moon number seven for 2013.
New Moons are supposed to mean a new beginning.
Yeah, well, this new beginning is going to need some more time.

I'm still working through this item from Tisha Morris' book Feng Shui Your Life
I've been working on this phase two item for the past couple of weeks.
That's why I haven't been posting any recipes.

I have to admit that this project was the one I'd been dreading the most. 
Make your least favourite room your favourite.
Tisha must have seen it all.

At first she tried logic:
Consider the overall function of each room in your home and how often it gets used.
Well, the room I was dreading got used daily.
But its function wasn't anything I was proud of.

Then Tisha threw in a bit of New Age thinking:
The darker the origin of a thing, the more opportunity available for transcendence.
The lotus flower is the symbol of transformation, enlightenment and rebirth.
It roots in murky waters.
Murky waters would be an improvement over the crap in this room.

Tisha soldiered on:
  • determine what is my least favourite room.
  • determine what it is about the room I don't like.  
  • envision what I would like the room to be.
  • completely clear everything out of the room to remove stagnant energy.
  • clean the room: vacuum, mop, dust, paint the walls.
  • create my vision… only put in it what I love… be creative.

And then she actually said
A cluttered guest room should be a room I can really use for myself.
My poor little guest room had started out as a nice room.
Then it became a garbage dump.
Don't know what to do with something?
Toss it into the spare room.

I didn't have an extremely high goal for the guest room.
No 'Turning it into a Sanctuary' here.
Turning the bedroom into a sanctuary had added to the mess.
Some of the bedroom's crap had found its way into the spare room.
Well, where else was I supposed to put that garbage?

Okay…  I could't exactly follow her advice on how to fix this room.
I mean, completely clear everything out of the room to remove the stagnant energy?
Right.  Where was everything supposed to go?
And don't talk to me about lotus flowers and their murky roots.

Back to baby steps… I divided the room into sections.
Centre, west, south, east, north, closet.
I have to handle the stagnant energy a section at a time.
And not toss anything new into the room in the meantime.

It's going to take at least another couple of weeks.

About that new moon...
According to the folks at  With so many planets in Water signs you're extra-sensitive and need to use logic and facts to help you make decisions… Any new Moon in Cancer is bound to highlight your home, family, and anything you do to make your life more secure and comfortable... direct your energy into areas of your life you'd like to grow or make stronger.

Sheesh… even the moon is telling me to make decisions about my home.


  1. I hope we get to see the moon. It's been cloudy every time this year.

  2. We need the rain, but it just seems to be falling in other parts of the city.
    Strange summer.


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