Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer, More or Less by Margaret Ullrich

Summer 2014 just isn’t enough after the winter we’ve gone through in Winnipeg.
All we’ve had so far is rain and cool weather in Winnipeg.
It’s actually been warmer in Churchill, where the polar bears and whales are.
Sure, the plants and mosquitos here are loving all the rain.
But I am neither a plant nor a mosquito.

The second lilac tree is a thing of beauty.
It’s more than made up for the lack of flowers on our first lilac.
The third lilac - between the two purple lilacs - looks like it will produce a bumper crop of lovely white flowers next month.

Two years ago I wrote a series of posts about when Paul and I, living in a trailer, moved from College Point, New York to Vancouver, British Columbia.
Exactly forty-two years ago we were stuck behind the service station in Kingston, New York, waiting for our car to be repaired after we had been blown off the highway.

According to that post I was tossing away stuff in 1972 and in 2012.
I’m still watching Love It or List It and the Canadian show, Property Brothers.
So, I’m tossing away stuff this year, too.  So it goes.

There’s been flooding east, south and west of Manitoba.
Staycations seem to be the safest thing to do this year.
Last year I was enjoying traveling, but this year I'm just not interested.
Maybe it’s the crazy weather… maybe I’m just getting old.
Well, getting old beats the alternative.

On June 24 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly star Eli Wallach died at 98.
He had appeared in quite a variety of roles over his long career, but that's the character most people remember.
Although he was born in Brooklyn, he attended the University of Texas at Austin because the tuition was $30 a year.
That’s where he learned to ride horses, which was useful in his westerns.
Funny how things can work out in life.

On June 25 it was the fifth anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, so the folks on ET couldn't give a salute to someone who had been an actor for over 60 years.
As Gilda Radner, who died a little over twenty-five years ago, would have said...
It's always something.

About tonight’s new moon in Cancer…
According to the folks at
You may feel overly emotional as Neptune forms a trine to the new Moon… still, you can turn this energy into a positive by investing in your goals with fresh ideas, letting your intuition and hunches guide you along the way. 
Otherwise you may lose perspective and make decisions based on misinformation. 

If you reduce distractions and spend time alone, you'll receive inspiration that will help you in all your endeavours. 
Because Cancer is a sign focused on the most personal aspects of your family and home life, you'll want to ensure you do all you can to make your home environment as comfortable and secure as possible. 
The foundation you build will help during the next full Moon in Capricorn on July 14.
Hope it stops raining by then.

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