Saturday, July 12, 2014

Slurpees and Winnipeg by Margaret Ullrich

Winnipeg still owns its Slurpee supremacy.
Yesterday we, and 63,998 other Winnipeggers did our patriotic duty and had free Slurpees.
We have the brain freeze headaches to prove it. 

Yes, I know Slurpees are pure sugar.
But we were willing to make the effort to walk to a 7/11 and join our fellow citizens as we filled cups with the free syrupy slush.

The manager walked by us as we sat outside sucking the slush and freezing what few remaining brain cells we have.
“It tastes better when it’s free, doesn’t it,” he asked.
Oh, yeah!!

Back to that series I did two years ago about our travels across Canada…
July 11, 1972 we had driven from Ontario to Saskatchewan.
We spent the night at Prairie Oasis Trailer Park, near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
As we had arrived a little after noon we had time to walk there.

July 11 seems to be our day to walk and get our bearings.
Yesterday we walked for three hours and saw how our neighbourhood was doing.
Some of the plants and trees were the worse for wear.
The hard winter had had an affect.

But there were some good signs, too.
Most homes were well maintained.
Some would’ve met with the approval of Property Brothers.
And some, well, gloried in unique, quirky touches.

Rock on, Winnipeg!
Long may you endure your Slurpee induced brain freeze headaches!!

About tonight’s full moon in Capricorn…
It’s also called Hay Moon, Buck Moon, and Thunder Moon.
Here in Winnipeg it could also be called Slurpee Moon.

According to the folks at
Pay close attention to your goals, because this isn't just a full Moon, it's a Super Moon! The first of three this year. (The other two are on August 10 and September 9.)

Super Moons increase the potential for powerful tidal forces, strong storms and possibly seismic activity… these forces affect not just the Earth, but also our bodies and minds, making us emotional and perhaps agitated.
If you've followed the map you drew up as 2014 began, you should be seeing the fruits of your labor now.

Capricorn, if nothing else, is the most practical sign... If your career feels out of balance, analyze what your capabilities truly are - and where you can go from here.

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