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Blue Moon, Hawaii Kai and Proms by Margaret Ullrich - Blue Hawaii recipe and Sweet and Sour Mix

A couple of weeks ago I posted the recipe for Piña Colada.
If you liked it, you’re going to love Blue Hawaii.

Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957 by Harry Yee, head bartender of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Hawaii, when a sales representative of Dutch distiller Bols asked him to design a drink that featured their blue Curaçao liqueur.

Yee is also the father of the  tiki bars such as Trader Vic, and did much to popularize a faux Hawaiian tiki culture, both in Hawaii itself and on the Mainland.

Back in 1967, my classmates and I - and hundreds of other recent grads - rounded out our Senior Prom night by going to Manhattan to have a drink at Hawaii Kai.

That was just the thing to do in the 60s.
The owners saw us coming and slapped a three drink limit on each customer.
They weren't about to face a bunch of angry parents of drunken kids.
But, for one night, we were dressed up as adults, and in a night club.
Ah, the days of wanting to be older and all grown up.

Back to Blue Hawaii…
There had been a 1937 Bing Crosby film called Waikiki Wedding
Also there was a 1961 Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii.
That was inspired by the song written by Leo Robin for Crosby’s movie.
Yes, everything is connected in life.

Because Blue Hawaii is easy and inexpensive to make, it is often served as a punch. 
Basically it is a bottle or two of plain or coconut-flavoured light rum, a bottle of blue Curaçao, a can of pineapple juice, and a bag of ice, mixed together in a punchbowl. 
It’s perfect for summer get togethers.
Because it contains yellow pineapple juice, the Blue Hawaii will look green.
Now you know.


You can substitute vodka for all or some of the rum in this recipe.
You can also use a flavoured rum or vodka,or add crème of coconut. 
The pineapple juice can be replaced by an equal amount of Sweet and Sour Mix.

For best results do not use bottled Sweet and Sour Mix.
Make your own with fresh citrus juice and simple syrup. 

In the spirit of Trader Vic, have fun with the glasses when serving this drink.
Dig out the Tiki mugs, hurricane glasses, over-sized cocktail glasses, parfait glasses, coconut halves or carve out a few pineapples.
It’s a fun drink, so have fun.

                        Sweet and Sour Mix

Place in a small saucepan
1 Cup sugar
1 Cup water
Bring it to a boil over medium heat.
Then turn down the heat to low.
Continue to cook, stirring constantly, until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Remove from the heat and allow the syrup to cool.
Pour the syrup into a jar that has a cover.
1 Cup lemon juice
Cover and refrigerate.

                        Blue Hawaii

3/4 ounce light rum
3/4 ounce vodka
1/2 ounce Curaçao (blue colour, if you can find it)
3 ounces pineapple juice, unsweetened 
1 ounce Sweet and Sour Mix
Blend or shake very well.
Pour into a glass with ice.
Garnish with 
a pineapple or orange slice scored and on the rim of the glass
use a toothpick or cocktail umbrella to spear a maraschino cherry through the centre and attach it to the top of the fruit slice 
float a cherry on top of the ice

About the moon this week…
According to the Farmers Almanac:

On July 31 there will be a Full Blue Moon.  
it’s called that because it is the second of two full Moons in July. 
The visible Moon is fully illuminated by direct sunlight, and appears full for three days. 

Don’t forget to put out your crystals for recharging!


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