Saturday, August 17, 2019

Recipes from Folklorama 1980 - Margaret Ullrich

Folklorama50 is ending tonight!

It was a great success this year, as it has been over the past.
The pavilions were filled with happy visitors of all ages, enthusiastic and helpful volunteers, interesting and informative cultural displays, lively and varied entertainment, and delicious, authentic food.

On to the next 50 wonderful years, Folklorama!

If you’d like to sample some Folklorama dishes, here is a list of the posts I’ve done over the past months which have the recipes used during Folklorama in 1980.

Folklorama... Great then. Great now!

The Africa/Caribbean Pavilion      Salt Fish and Ackee

The Budapest-Hungarian Pavilion      Szekely Gulyas

The Canadien-Français Pavilion      Grand-pères

The Cari-Cana Pavilion      Stew Peas and Rice

The Cathay Pavilion (China)      Deep-Fried 5-Spice Chicken

The Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb"      Mramorni Kolas

The Dutch Pavilion      Meat Croquetten

The Emerald Isle Pavilion (Ireland)       Irish Stew 

The German Pavilion      Schweinshaxe vom Spiess

The Greek Pavilion      Pasticchio

The India Pavilion      Seekh Kababs

The Irish Pavilion      Irish Soda Bread

The Japan Pavilion      Chicken Teriyaki 

The Kiev Pavilion (Ukraine)      Walnut Torte 

The Krakow Pavilion (Poland)      Nalesniki

The Lebanon Pavilion      Khubz

The Lithuania Pavilion (Vilnius)      Virtiniai (meat dumplings) 

The Lviv Pavilion (Ukraine)      Khrustyky

The Mug Pug Pavilion (Great Britain)     Bakewell Tart 

The Native Canadian Pavilion      Bannock

The Pannonia Pavilion (Hungary)      Hungarian Goulash Soup

The Philippine Pavilion      Pancit

The Portuguese Pavilion      Codfish Cakes

The Roma Pavilion (Italy)      Italian Cheese Cake

The Romanian Pavilion      Cornitze

The Scandinavian Pavilion      Kjotkaker (Norwegian Meatballs and Gravy)

The Pavilion of Scotland      Scottish Shortbread

The Seoul Pavilion (Korea)      Bulkoki

The Serbian Pavilion      Gibanica

The Shalom Square Pavilion (Israeli)      Blintzes

The Slovakia Pavilion (Bratislava)      Slovak Poppy Seed Rolls 

The Slovenija Pavilion (Ljubljana)      Ćevapčići  

The Swedish Pavilion      Janson’s Temptation 

The Warsaw Pavilion (Poland)      Bigos  

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