Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cul de Sac Crazy lll - Being 60 (week 39 - by Margaret Ullrich)

I was really hoping I'd have some good news to report.

No such luck.

Okay... on January 19 B was back.
At least his truck was.  
No sign of life from the house.
Everyone was thinking the worst.
Don't ask what we thought the worst was.

On January 22, at 9:30 pm, B drove his truck from the carport, which faces the back lane, to the cul de sac and backed onto his front lawn.  
Excuse me our front lawn - he drove over our shrubs and sheared off a bit of them when he tried to cram his truck into the space between our houses.
We were just relieved he stopped before he hit our house.
The branches will grow back. 

By 10:00 pm he was done barricading his front door.
We settled down for another night's sleep.
We were hoping he was actually packing up this time.
Yeah, right.

On January 24, just 2 days later, at 5:00 pm, B cleared a path from his truck to the street and drove off.

There was some junk in the back of the truck, which does not have a canopy.  So it was easy to see the hodgepodge of junk piled in there.

This time we were a little less excited.
I mean, he'd done this before.
No Christmas lights were turned on.

On January 25 we went to see the movie Black Swan.  
As we backed out of our garage we saw the truck's grill grinning at us from the carport.
It was back.
The truck and Black Swan.
Don't ask which we thought was scarier.

January 27 was a lovely day.  Hoarfrost covered everything.  Of course that also meant that we were going to get more snow.  
Yep, we were going to get an Alberta Clipper sailing through with another 5 cm snow.  

January 28 the Alberta Clipper was whipping the snow around.  The estimate went from 5 to 15 cm of snow.  
Parts of the highway were closed.  Professional drivers stopped and hunkered down.  Only a crazy fool would drive into a Clipper. 

That was also garbage day.  
God help them, they had to work through that mess.  
When Paul returned from putting out our trash he had a bemused look.
The truck was gone.
Like I said, only a crazy fool would drive into a Clipper.


First we thought B was being logical.
He's from Texas.
His Mom still lives there.
Maybe she'd found an apartment for him and he was driving south.
It would take a few days.
He'd be there by the first.

Funny how the mind tries to find logic when faced with a lunatic.

That night, at 7:30 pm, we heard a truck door slam.  
I looked out the window at the bay.
The truck was back.

Now, did I mention that all this time, A's white car was left parked in front of their house?  
It's been there, getting covered by snow, for the past 3 months.
The plows don't usually bother with cul de sacs.
Not until the snow gets bad enought to cause a problem.

Okay... the snow is now bad enough to cause a problem.

The plows were here, at least in spirit.

Our house is at the mouth of the cul, so the area in front of our house is clear.

The plows gave up when they were faced with a white car and a green truck parked in front of the second house.
The two vehicles are now walled in with snow that is hardening faster than than you can say "Jackass".

There's a grassy spot in the middle of the cul that makes it difficult for large vehicles to get through when an idiot is blocking part of the path.
Our city employees are not idiots.
They just backed out and went to where saner people live.
There are 11 houses in our little bay.
It's going to be hell for 8 families to get to and from their houses tomorrow.
Monday.  School and work.
Guess how popular B is right now.

It gets better.
As of 5:00 pm a third car, belonging to a friend of B, is wedged perpendicularly between the white car and the truck.
The nose of the car is blocking the street.
B is shoveling snow onto the little circle in the middle of the cul.


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