Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen of Winnipeg - Being 60 (week 44 - by Margaret Ullrich)

A comes after work and does a bit of cleanup, with a friend's help.
He spent his first night alone in his house last night.
He's keeping to himself, not dropping by to say hi or to chat, as he used to do.

Well, to be honest, nobody's in any rush to chat with him, either.

I mean, it's one thing watching the goings-on of Charlie Sheen on the news.
Or on the TV show 'Entertainment Tonight'.
Or on facebook links.
Or on youtube.

Charlie Sheen's never had this much interest shown in him.
I mean, Brad Pitt he ain't.

And the things Charlie's been saying: Tiger blood and Adonis DNA.
How we "can't process him" with our poor old normal brains.
How he's living with goddesses.
The night show hosts have been having loads of fun with him, too.
Who knew the 45 year old actor had such an imagination?

Well, maybe he doesn't have such a great imagination.
In the movie "Wall Street" Martin Sheen, playing Charlie's character's Dad, blasts him for living with a whore.
Maybe it's just life imitating art.
Couldn't the shmuck tell the difference?
I mean he grew up with an actor for a Dad.
There's pretend - where you can be crazy or a killer or whatever - and then there's real life where, for God's sake, you have to have some sense.

It's a whole other thing living next door to someone like Charlie.
Frankly, it's not much fun.
We're just glad that B, our own little cul's Charlie, is gone.

It's a little awkward seeing A now.
B was his choice... and A was over 40 when they met.
No spring chicken and he should have known better.

We're relieved A finally saw the light and got the peace bond.
We're glad that B is gone.
But, we're a little nervous.
I mean, A isn't elderly and we don't think he's taken a vow of celibacy.

What could a new live-in guest... partner... whatever... be like?

The purging is continuing.
The futon frame is leaning against our shared fence.
Neighbors are doing what they can to help.
One fellow came with his snow blower and tried to remove months of accumulated - and hardened - snow from the carport.
Just being neighborly.
He did the best he could, but normally a carport wouldn't have that much snow.
The scars from the past few months are still here.

This bay is about 25 years old.
Many of us have been here for over two decades.
We're all older.

And too tired for a repeat of this nonsense.

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