Monday, December 5, 2011

Cinnamon Apple Pie in Love - a Horse's Story from The Gentle Barn

Another tale from The Gentle Barn.  When I saw the horse's name, I couldn't resist.

You are Never Too Old to Love Again 

Cinnamon Apple Pie's life partner, Momma Dear passed away last year. It was a huge loss to us all! Cinnamon and Momma were inseparable from the first time they met till the day Momma Dear passed away.

When Momma Dear died we were worried about Cinnamon and sure enough she began to nose-dive right away. All of a sudden she seemed frail and week, she lost weight, she developed a lump on her face and her arthritis grew worse. We thought we were going to loose her so we increased her acupuncture, ultrasound and chiropractic to every week.  

That proved to be a magical combination because she bounced back after a couple of months and is now doing great. She gallops around the pasture, flirts with all the young bucks and just try to get her to slow down when out on a walk!

Cinnamon was hanging out with the leader of our herd, Caesar, and Caesar's wife, Sasha was not amused! It was clear Cinnamon needed a friend of her own, so we put Prince Charming, a bachelor, in the stall next to her to see what would happen. At first Cinnamon ignored him completely and then she would snap, bite and yell at him. Charming ignored her too, sort of in an understanding way. After several months however, we noticed that they were standing closer to each other and they both had their ears forward in friendship.  

Well, the other day in the pasture we saw Cinnamon and Charming hanging out together, he was following her around like a schoolboy. It seems like our plan worked. Cinnamon is about 30 years old and has a new boyfriend, yay!    

Both Prince Charming and Cinnamon Apple Pie are on the thin side and need a special high calorie diet. They are both severely arthritic and need acupuncture, ultrasound and chiropractic once a week. Neither of them grows a long winter coat so they both wear winter blankets. They are two peas in a pod and we are so happy for both of them that they now have each other!

Their care is expensive, but so worth it! To sponsor either Cinnamon or Prince Charming, please visit our Virtual Barn!

You can also email The Gentle Barn
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