Saturday, February 18, 2012

Apples, Apples, Apples - Margaret Ullrich

One of my favorite movies is Mr. Mom.

Remember the scene where Michael Keaton went to get a few groceries?
Ham and cheese.
What could be simpler?
So he thought.

Remember the varieties that were rattled off at him in the deli section?
The poor guy didn't know what had hit him.
Michael really thought there was only one kind of cheese.
And only one kind of ham.

Well, there's a world of choices out there.
In the deli section.
And in the produce section.

Welcome to apples.
Don't panic.
Try a couple of varieties at a time.
They're all good.

Here's a quick quide to get you started:
Ambrosia - aromatic, sweet
Braeburn - tart, spicy
Cortland - mild, sweet
Fuji - juicy, sweet
Granny Smith - tart, tangy
Honeycrisp - crisp, juicy
Jonagold - snappy, sweet
MacIntosh - tangy, classic
Pink Lady - tangy, crisp

And they all keep the doctor away!

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