Friday, March 2, 2012

Caraway (seeds and ground) - Margaret Ullrich

Caraway is another spice that I'm sure you've tasted.
Especially if you like German food.

But Caraway, just like Fennel, just doesn't get any respect.
Now is the time to respect Caraway by buying a bag or jar of seeds.
Trust me, they won't just sit there.

Some uses for those Caraway Seeds...

Add a few to meatloaf along with some dillweed and ground allspice.
Sprinkle a few on liverwurst and other meat sandwiches.
Add some to stews and hearty soups.

Add a few to the water for boiling potatoes for mashing.
Sprinkle over cabbage, sauerkraut or zucchini before cooking.
Stir some into coleslaw.  Gives a kick to that bland store-bought stuff.

Stir some into cheese-bread batter, muffins or scones.
Add to savory dumpling batter.

And just like Fennel, you can easily grind Caraway seeds.


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    1. Hi, Lynette,

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