Saturday, October 20, 2012

Three Year Anniversary! by Margaret Ullrich

Happy Third Birthday to I'm Turning 60!!
And THANK YOU for visiting, whether you're a daily, weekly or occasional guest.
The past three years have been a time of change for me.
A lot of changes, but change can be good.

I used to send Ma recipes, especially at this time of year when there are 
brochures and leaflets in the baking section of the supermarket. 
One of the things I enjoy about the I'm Turning 60 blog is that I can continue 
to share recipes and enjoy Ma's recipes, too. 
It's funny to think that my Ma, who only used the computer to play solitaire, 
is now googleable as a cook.
I like to think she's getting a kick out of that, too!

In July 2010 blogger started recording the number of viewings posts have gotten.  
This past week I took a look at the numbers for them... yes, all 493 posts!
Numbers don't lie.  
I'll do my best to bring you more of what you want.

Blogger keeps track of which blog posts are popular.
Carmela Soprano's Baci Cake is still number one!
It's a really good chocolate cake.
But, a lot of work to make.
You've been warned.

The Baci cake is closely followed by one of my Ma's recipes.
Anna Sultana's Bebbux bl-Arjoli.
Bebbux bl-Arjoli means Snails with Arjoli Sauce.
Yes, snails.

Among the North American recipes, The 1960s Co-Op Refrigerator Cheesecake 
is an old favorite that is very, very popular.

And, while we're talking old favorites, with Christmas just around the corner
check out the recipe for the 1930s Dollar Fruitcake from the Winnipeg Free Press.
Yes, it's posted in my Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate blog.
But it's still a great Christmas recipe and has received over 350 visits!!

This tells me that you still like recipes.
Okay... more recipes.

Blogger also keeps track of the top 10 visiting countries. 
The United States is still number one, followed by Canada with almost half of
America's readership. 
Folks in Malta, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Slovenia 
and Ukraine are also visiting.
I expected Maltese in the United States, Canada, Malta, Australia and the 
United Kingdom to visit and use Ma's recipes.
The other folks were a surprise.
But I'm really glad you've decided to visit.
Thanks again for visiting!
It's truly a small world!

I'd also like comments.  
It's easy to do.  Just click on Comments and write.  
Tell me what you want to know about. 
Let me know how I'm doing.
Or send me a message through Facebook. 

Thanks again for visiting!

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