Friday, December 21, 2012

Carmela Soprano's Tiramisu / Ladyfingers and Nillas

What would Artie's The Sopranos Family Cookbook be without a chapter from the teddy bear, Bobby Bacala?
Oh, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…

At the start of Bobby's chapter he remembers what was important in his youth.
"Being happy meant a loving and supportive family, a loving and supportive community and plenty of food on the table."

That's the way it was in my childhood, too.
Well, times change for us all.

Bobby's chapter If I Couldn't Eat, I'd F**king Die, doesn't waste much time
getting to the recipes.
His first choice, Tiramisu, is a classic.
Simple, yet festive enough for any occasion.

So taking a lesson from Bobby, I'll get right to the recipe.

Savoiardi are imported Italian ladyfingers.
Ladyfingers go by many names.
If you can't find them, vanilla wafers (Nillas) can be used.
If you have the time, my Ma has a recipe for Ladyfingers.

Be reasonable.
It's almost Christmas.
Go to the store and get some Nillas.


Serves 8

Place a large mixer bowl and beaters in the refrigerator.

Lightly dip
12 savoiardi
1 Cup brewed espresso, at room temperature
Arrange them in a single layer in an 8-inch square pan.

In a large bowl whisk together until smooth
1 pound mascarpone
1/4 Cup sugar
2 Tablespoons amaretto or Cognac

In the chilled bow, with the chilled beaters, whip until soft peaks form
1 Cup heavy cream
Fold the cream into the mascarpone mixture.
Spread half of the mascarpone / cream mixture on the prepared savoiardi.

Sprinkle with
1/4 Cup finely chopped bittersweet chocolate

Dip into the espresso the remaining
12 savoiardi
Arrange them in a single layer on top of the chopped chocolate in the pan.
Top with the remaining mascarpone / cream mixture.

Sprinkle with
1/4 Cup finely chopped bittersweet chocolate.

Cover with plastic wrap.
Refrigerate overnight before serving.

Would I make Tiramisu again?
Absolutely.  Who doesn't love a creamy dessert?
Adults appreciate the bit of a kick.
Kids will be just as happy with cookies and ice cream.

One recipe down.  Sixty-four more to go.

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