Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Forty-first Wedding Anniversary by Margaret Ullrich

On Good Friday there was a Harry Potter marathon.
Oh, they were so little when the series started!

In it Harry and Hermione time travel using Hermione's time-turning device.
She got it so she could take two classes at the same time.
Yeah, Hermione would want to do that.

They went back in time to rescue Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, and Buckbeak.
But, Professor Lupin, having been exposed as a werewolf, has to leave.
Harry watches Lupin wave a wand and everything in his office is neatly packed.
Oh, to be able to handle chores with a wave of a wand!

The clock measures it out, 60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to the hour.
But it we don't live it like that.
When we're young a summer vacation seems to be an eternity.
When we're old a year flies, as if it were a whirlwind.

While we were watching TV we were also surfing the net.
There was some sad news: 
Richard Griffiths, Harry Potter's muggle Uncle Vernon, had died.
He was 65.

We don't know how much we have.
And, as we get older, it speeds up, as if attached to a portkey.
Paul and I have been married forty-one years… some good, some bad.
Some events important, even life changing, some events forgotten.
Some I would love to relive, most I can't even remember.
Some people very important, most just a minor character.

As I get older, it sometimes feels like I'm watching a rerun.
I'll meet someone, or hear about something, and it's 'Here we go again'.
Really, it's like I've done this already and I know how it's going to turn out.
Some might call that prejudice.
Some might call that experience.
I just trust my gut more than I trust what someone is telling me.
As one gets older, one just knows.

I can't handle chores with a wave of a wand.
Truth is, I can't handle most chores as quickly as I used to do them.
But, I can choose what and whom to focus upon, to remember, to believe.
I can stop doing some things, and start doing something else, hopefully better.
I can still learn.
That is a magic everyone possesses.
Especially as we get older.

And, as Harry said, "I love magic!"

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