Friday, October 4, 2013

Feng Shui and My Least Favourite Room, part 6 by Margaret Ullrich

Tonight there will be a new moon - number 10 for 2013.
A week from Monday we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Canada.
Thanksgiving has always been my favourite holiday.
We have our health, and much more to be thankful for.

I'm also thankful this year to have thrown out two whole, roll out, 
big blue cartloads of recyclable stuff from my least favourite room.
Yes, the big blue roll out cart!

I know I've been working for quite a while on this project 

Make your least favourite room your favourite.

Just a section more to go through, and then it'll be done.
And I will be very grateful if it never gets cluttered again.

Even without the Feng Shui project, Autumn is a busy time for us.
We have a yard and a garden.
And chores that had to be done before October started.

Tomatoes had to be picked before we got frost at night.
Frost - especially at night - can happen early in October in Manitoba.
I remember one night a few years ago when we suddenly heard 
the first frost warning of the season during the evening weather report.
So, after it had gotten dark, while we were watching The DaVinci Code, 
I had to run out during the commercials to pick the tomatoes.

After that I decided to make it a habit to pick all our tomatoes during daylight hours.
Much easier, and safer.
The large green tomatoes can ripen in the basement.
And I bake the small ones in a Green Tomato Pie.
It's a good way to use up those too small to be worth the wait until they ripen.
And it's a nice alternative to the usual Thanksgiving Day pumpkin pie.

Recently we've also been spending more time with friends.
It's easier to plan get togethers, now that everyone is back on a regular schedule.
Summer is a treat in Canada, but it does present a few problems of its own.
Everyone is rushing off hither and thither, enjoying the season while we have it.

But now it is Autumn.
Winter is just around the corner.
It is time to cocoon indoors.
It is time to get together with friends.

According to the folks at
The new Moon in Libra brings a desire to socialize, to build and strengthen your relationships… Leave plenty of room to make changes in your life as you let go of situations that aren't working out. 
Invest your energy in relationships you'd like to see become stronger...

Works for me.
And I hope it works for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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