Sunday, October 20, 2013

Four Year Anniversary! by Margaret Ullrich

Happy Fourth Birthday to I'm Turning 60!!
And THANK YOU for visiting, whether you're a daily, weekly or occasional guest.

I started this blog because I was going through some major changes.
In 2009 both my parents and our last dog, Bobo, died.
Funny thing about changes…
As soon as you get used to one change, another comes along.
But, somehow, you can get used to that, too.
So it goes.

I used to send Ma recipes, especially at this time of year when there are 
brochures and leaflets in the baking section of the supermarket. 
One of the things I enjoy about the I'm Turning 60 blog is that I can continue 
to share recipes and enjoy Ma's recipes, too. 
Ma, who only used the computer to play solitaire, is now googled for her recipes.
I still like to think she's getting a kick out of that, too!

Blogger has been keeping track of your visits since July, 2010.  
This past week I took a look at the numbers for the posts… yes, all 654 posts!
And, yes, there have been changes since last year.

Ma's recipes have grown in popularity.
Carmela Soprano's Baci Cake has gone from number one to number five.
Ma's recipe for Hobz (Maltese Bread) is now the all time most popular post!
If you haven't tried it, well, why not bake a few loaves this week?

Ma's recipe, Anna Sultana's Bebbux bl-Arjoli, is still number two.
Bebbux bl-Arjoli means Snails with Arjoli Sauce.
Yes, snails.
But the spicy Arjoli Sauce is good with seafood, too.

Other top recipes of Ma's are:
Qaghaq ta' l-Ghasel  (Honey rings)
Biskuttini tar-Rahal (Village biscuits, Maltese style cookies)
Torta tal-Lampuki - Fish and Vegetable Pie, Maltese style
Ravjul (ravioi, Maltese style)
If you haven't tried them, I hope you will soon.
Change can be good.

About Carmela… her recipes for Arancini (Rice Balls), and her recipe for 
are also among the top ten.
I'm curious to see if these will still be top favourite recipes next year.

Among the North American recipes, The 1960s Co-Op Refrigerator Cheesecake 
is still among the top ten recipes.
Do try the recipe for the 1930s Dollar Fruitcake from the Winnipeg Free Press.
Yes, it's posted in my Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate blog.
But it's still a great Christmas recipe and has received over 400 visits!!

Blogger also keeps track of the top 10 visiting countries. 
The United States is still number one with over 76,000 readers.
And it is followed by Canada with almost 11,000. 

Last year the top countries also included: Malta, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Slovenia and the Ukraine.
There've been a few changes.
Now the order is: Malta, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Romania, Germany and Indonesia.

And there have also been quite a few visitors from Poland, Macedonia (FYROM), Mexico, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Thailand, Spain, Slovakia, Ireland, Denmark, Bangladesh and China.

I expected Maltese in the United States, Canada, Malta, Australia and the 
United Kingdom to visit and use Ma's recipes.
The other folks were a surprise.
But I'm really glad you've decided to visit.

The biggest surprise the past year has been the number of visitors each month.
Up until February 2013 the numbers had slowly risen to about 6,000 a month.
I was quite happy to know 6,000 folks were visiting each month.
Then in March 2013 there was a sudden jump to 18,763.
Yes, 18,763 folks visited I'm Turning 60… in March!

There has been another development.
There have been spikes in visits during the months.
Spikes such as 1,083 visitors on June 13, and 1,087 folks on August 12 and 
1,760 visitors on September 22.

I don't know what causes the spikes.
Believe me, I'm not complaining.
I wish I had a clue so I'd know what you'd like to read.
Is it holiday favourites, easy meals, cheap meals, quick meals or…?
I just hope you have found the type of recipes you want.

I'd also like comments.  Really.  
It's easy to do.  Just click on Comments and write. 
Or message me on Facebook. 
Tell me what you want to know about. 

Thanks again for visiting!

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