Friday, October 18, 2013

Feng Shui and My Least Favourite Room, part 7 by Margaret Ullrich

Tonight is Full Moon number ten for 2013.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving on Monday.
And are still enjoying the leftovers.

The week before Thanksgiving we were enjoying mild weather.
Perfect weather for moving the plants in our yard.
So I did.

I had weeded our yard after we returned from Ottawa over a month ago.
The garden had been put to bed before the first frost.
The tomato plants uprooted, the compost spread.
But not pretty.

I decided to move some of our perennials to different locations.
Plants not thriving were moved to sunnier, or shadier, spots.
The hosta that was under our grapevine became a featured plant near the fence.
The nancies crowding the other hostas were moved to other - barer - spots.
I dug the tall plants, such as our lilies, and replanted them near the fences.
I spaded a half dozen cerastiums and spread them where the lilies had been.
I split some of the other ground covers and covered the remaining bare spots.

And, even if I do say so myself, I really like the new look.
The yard looks bigger.
I don't know why it took me so long to move the plants around.
Oh, well, better late than never.

About that cluttered room... I know I've been stuck on this project 
from Tisha Morris' book Feng Shui Your Life...  

Make your least favourite room your favourite.

The weather has turned, the leaves are falling.
It's not good weather for working outdoors.
Perfect weather for finally finishing that room.

According to the folks at
On October 15 Mars entered Virgo - If you've been hoping to make more progress on certain goals, you'll be able to do it this month as Mars enters practical, efficient Virgo… This transit gives you discipline and energy, which makes it easier to commit to plans or projects that require extra effort.

Tonight Aries is highlighted by a lunar eclipse… no sign is more courageous than Aries, so you're likely to have the necessary energy and passion to advocate for yourself. 

Oh, and by the way…  Mars will be in Virgo until December 7.  The ongoing Uranus-Pluto square is present during this eclipse, demonstrating that world-changing events continue to capture everyone's attention. 

I wouldn't call cleaning a least favourite room world-changing.
But I sure can use all the help I can get.

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