Sunday, December 1, 2013

Feng Shui and Christmas in My Favourite Home by Margaret Ullrich

Tomorrow there will be a new moon.
The last new moon of the year.
The bad news - Christmas is just three weeks away.
The good news - the days will start getting longer.

I now feel like I'm at peace with my home.
As Katherine and Frances in Under the Tuscan Sun might say...
It's a nice little villa. Rather run down, but redeemable...
It's not a villa, and, yes, it's a little run down, but it's more than redeemable.

This house has been our home since 1988.
That's a lot of time, and a lot of memories.
So our home holds a lot of stuff.
And I'm just fine with that.

It's just that, for women of a certain age, it's not so great in practice.
Alright, I'd gone this far, I figured I'd finish the project.
Maybe I have closure issues, like Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.
I flipped through to phase three…

The 'give your home a good cleaning' part was just fine.
I mean, who doesn't do that before company comes visiting during the holidays.
Then there was the New Age part...
  • Space clear with sage
  • Ring some bells                   
Space clear with sage… right… 

I lit a green joss stick - no I don't know what scent it was supposed to be - ripped the ribbon of jingle bells off our front door and walked around my house.
Paul noticed me waving the smoking stick and ringing the bells, but he wisely decided to chalk it up to something menopausal.

After that I scratched 'phase three' off my To Do list.
On to the the ideas in 'phase four'.
One of Tisha's suggestions I liked.
  • Add a mirror
I got a small mirror to hang near the door.
That was a good idea - handy for last minute checkups.

Some of the 'phase four' things were a little weird, so I modified them.
  • Stimulate the senses
Really?...  Now?… in December?…  This is the holiday season.
Everybody and everything is on sensory overload.
Enough is enough.
Sight - Our Christmas decorations make our eyes water.
Sound - Christmas carols and jingling bells are making us deaf.
Touch - The pins and needles when feeling returns to frostbitten fingers.
Smell - Pine scented candles competing with the smell of our plastic tree.
Taste - Holiday baking is spicy enough.

The rest got even weirder:
  • Add pink to enhance your love life in the SW corner
  • Add purple to bring in wealth in the SE corner
  • Add a crystal
  • Integrate the 5 elements
I read that some work well together, some don't.
I worried what they would do to each other.
The whole thing was making me very nervous.
I mean, what the heck is proper integrating?

I knocked back a stiff one and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper.
Across the top I wrote the names of our rooms.
Down the paper's left side I wrote a list of the elements.
I also included substitutes, like the colours that fit in each group.
In case your house is unbalanced, the element colours (in the same order as above) are: green, red, yellow, white and black.
No, I don't know why wood is green and not brown.

Then, without the smoking stick and bells, I walked around the house, again.
I looked in each room and, as soon as I found something that matched one of the elements or the colours, I checked off the list.
Paul again chalked it up to something menopausal.  

Then there was that bit about the pink, the purple and the crystal.
Our kitchen, in the south part of our main floor, became a shrine to New Age.
A pink plastic flower in the west and a purple plastic flower flower in the east added the proper Feng Shui touch to the two corners.

Then there was the crystal problem...
I rummaged around some souvenirs we'd picked up from some museum, thankful that I hadn't tossed them out, as I was sure that twit Tisha would've wanted me to do.
I found some rocks that looked crystally and hung them near the window.             
After that I was done with 'phase four' and with Tisha's book.

About tomorrow's New Moon in Sagittarius… according to the folks at
Sagittarius is the centaur, who shoots his arrow toward the stars and, once it hits its target, retrieves it to take aim once again… if you can be adaptable as you pursue your goals, you'll do well during a lunar cycle that comes full circle just before the next new Moon arrives in Capricorn on January 1, 2014. 
Throughout December, make sure you revise your beliefs and worldview to accurately reflect the person you are today... leave your past in the rear view mirror!

So that's why I bought that mirror!


  1. LOL LOL... did the book mention that faux anything was bad feng shui? ha ha I actually have a pair of pink salad tongs in my SW corner which is part of my kitchen. The purple was no problem for me because the accent wall in my "bedroom" (I have a large studio apartment) is painted that color. I also have a purple crystal votive holder on my fireplace mantel - fire is certainly covered there! BTW, I make sure my feet face the door for proper feng shui, My desk is supposed to be perpendicular to my big window in the living room, but I turned it around when I had a down turn in my business, and then business started getting better again - go figure! Sounds like you had some fun with the feng shui, Margaret - good for you!

  2. Go figure is right! Perpendicular, parallel… whatever works.
    All the best with you in your business and in 2014!


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