Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Moon by Margaret Ullrich

Happy New Year!
A fresh start, a clean slate.
Here we are, facing a year as bright and shiny as a brand new penny.
If you still have pennies, that means something.
In Canada pennies have become non-legal tender.
They figured out it costs more to make pennies than a penny is worth.

We’ve been having a colder than normal December.
The daytime high temperature is around –31º C.
But the windchill makes it feel like –40º to –50º C.
Exposed skin can freeze in less than five minutes.
No big deal for us.
We’ve seen worse.

It's cold but not cold enough for a record.
That was –37.8º C, without adding windchill, which happened in 1967.
The coldest Winnipeg December was in 1879, with an average of –26º C.

The December average temperature in 2000 was –22.0º C.
And we survived that just fine, thank you.

This December’s average temperature is close to –21º C. 
That makes it the fifth coldest Winnipeg December ever.
Big deal.

Last night, at the start of Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, Seacrest complained about being outdoors with the temperature feeling like 20º F.
Yeah, New Yorkers complain about weather like that.
So much for that New York tough guy image.

Back to that new start…
We’re actually starting this new year with a new moon.
The last time this happened was 19 years ago.
Yes, 1995.
It’s been 19 years since 1995 and it feels like just a couple of years ago.
And how did 1995 go for you?
Well, here we go again… more or less.

A new moon is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.
And sometimes, a fresh start can be an improvement.
Give it a shot and go for it!

According to the folks at
This new Moon in Capricorn brings a fresh start loaded with unresolved conflicts. 
The good news is that you won't have to guess about what you're confronting. 
Make up your mind to deal with people and situations in a way that makes you proud. 
Those who aren't behaving well will stand out like sore thumbs now… Decide what you want to be responsible for and what you don't. 
Take action to make your life secure… put your energy into something you'd like to see become more important in your life. 
If you do, you'll see results at the full Moon in Cancer on January 16.

Nobody has to guess about how to confront -50º.
Stay indoors and catch up with chores.
No problem.
Chores done by January 16… that would be an improvement!

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