Sunday, March 30, 2014

In like a lion… Out like a lion by Margaret Ullrich

About a month ago I posted about the awful weather we're having this Winter.
It seems to be the same weather we’re going to have this Spring.
Maybe it’ll hang around through Summer and Fall.
I don’t think Winter knows how to leave any more.

They flew to Fort Whyte, saw that there wasn’t anything but solid ice, shook their heads, and flew south and out of the city.
The wildlife manager at Fort Whyte was thinking of following them.
Those geese are smart enough to know they need open water.
Don’t ever use the term ‘Bird brain’ as an insult.

Paul and I took a short walk last week to return a few books to the library.
We really need to get back into the habit of daily walks.
The icy sidewalks aren’t giving us much incentive.
Yes, those geese had the right idea - live in an area that has what you need.

Back to the library…
My local librarians are nice folks, who know me for what I am, or rather, what I was.
No sooner had I put the books on the counter than the guy flashed a huge smile and said, “You know, we have our Mega Book Sale going on in the meeting room.”
Pointing to my now empty shopping bag, he continued, “For five bucks you could fill that bag with books.”

Now the old me, the pre-Feng Shui Your Life me, would’ve raced into that room.
I mean a big bag of books for five bucks!  Yeee Hah!!  What’s not to love?
But, the new me just didn’t feel like even looking at the library’s discards.
I smiled, thanked him, walked over to the magazines, grabbed one, strolled over to a cubicle and read the magazine in the library.

Yes, Tisha Morris really has had an effect on my life.
Maybe not her New Age, scented space clearing and bell ringing ideas.
But I’ve gotten used to cleared spaces and I have to admit I like it.
I just couldn’t bring myself to cramming more stuff into my home.
A book is something to read and return; not to clutter up my living space.

Oh, the magazine I had picked up was O, as in Oprah.
I like and admire Oprah Winfrey, but I don’t watch her show.
I also never buy her magazines.
I have to admit she does have a sense of humour about herself.
Who could forget when she guested on 30 Rock?

After I put the magazine back on the rack I passed some books.
There was a copy of Robyn Okrant’s book Living Oprah.
It’s about her one year experiment in following everything Oprah told her to do.
Was that a sign or what?
I mean, I found the book about Oprah after I put the Oprah magazine away.

I checked out the book.
The librarian remind me of their Mega Book Sale.
No way.  I have Feng Shuied myself… on to getting Oprahed!!

About tonight’s new moon in Aries…
According to the folks at
All new Moons are about starting new ventures.  
Aries is the sign of beginnings.   
There couldn’t be a better new Moon in all of 2014 for launching a business!

You may feel as if you're driving with one foot on the brake since Mars is retrograde, the new Moon is joined by Uranus and squared by both Pluto and Jupiter… 
multiple people have competing agendas. 
Anything you begin now needs to incorporate the needs of others. 
Be smart about the way you go about getting what you want. 
Take time to regroup, find work-arounds, or simply slow down.

The New Moon is in Aries!
What’s good for beginning a business ought to be just as good for beginning a best life.
The heck with retrograding, joining and squaring… On to living a la Oprah!

What could go wrong?

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