Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snow, St. Patrick’s Day, Soda Bread and Stuff by Margaret Ullrich

With the winter we’ve been through, it doesn’t look like it’s really his feast day.
The windrows of snow in the back lanes are about a meter high.
For sure they don’t remind me of the type of weather we had for St. Patrick’s Day when my sister was being born in 1955.
Yes, I really thought my sister came from Ireland.

The 50s were a simpler time.
College Point was settled by Germans and Irish people.
During those days traditional recipes were shared.
At the very least, everyone there ate a slice of Irish Soda Bread on March 17.

Back to St. Patrick…
In 432, he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity to the Irish people.
But the celebrations in his honour don’t stop at the Irish border.
Montreal, whose flag has a shamrock, stages a huge Saint Patrick's Day parade.
In Manitoba, the Irish Association of Manitoba runs a festival of music and culture.
Yes, enjoying a slice of Irish Soda Bread is the very least one can do.

Tonight’s full moon is called a Lenten Moon by some.
Especially when, as in this year, Lent has already started.
Lent gives us forty days to do a bit of fasting and penance.
And to do Spring cleaning to get ready for Easter.
Maybe it was inspired by the ancient Roman celebration Lupercalia.

If you didn’t have time to celebrate Lupercalia last month, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a Feng Shui thing after you’ve done your Spring cleaning:
Light a sandalwood or frankincense incense stick.
Beginning at the front door, walk the main floor in a clockwise direction. 
Let the smoke clear the spaces of stagnant energies. 
Don’t forget corners, closets and rooms with little foot traffic. 
Return to the front door, sit and let the incense burn out. 
It's important to intend a cleanse, not just to be a walking air wick. 
Even if you did do it last month, it wouldn't hurt to do it again.

Paul and I have been tossing more stuff.
Guess we still have a touch of that feng shui fever.
With any luck we should roll out another cart - or two - for recycling before Easter.

About tonight’s full moon in Virgo…
It’s also called a Full Worm Moon or a "Sap Moon", but it’s too cold for that here.

According to the folks at
Are you content? Full Moons highlight your emotional connections with others, as well as your own personal feelings of well-being. 
Since Virgo represents your day-to-day work, and routines, the way in which you approach this important area of your life is extra-important now. 
Are you organized? 
Or do you find yourself trying to catch up on all the things you need to do? 
As you think about how you handle your daily life, make a plan to take better care of yourself… use this time to implement a sensible plan to make yourself more emotionally content.

Time to get organized… to become more content...
and to make some Sfingi to enjoy on St. Joseph’s Day on March 19.

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