Monday, September 8, 2014

Shine on, Harvest Moon by Margaret Ullrich

Autumn is in the air.
By September 23 it will be an old friend.
The trees here haven’t changed their foliage… well, not just yet.

Autumn has always been my favourite season.
After living in Winnipeg for almost 40 years 
I have definite views on the four seasons.
Winter - with -40º C days - is too cold.
Summer - with 40º C days -  can be too hot.
Spring - with its freeze and thaw - is too icy.

But Autumn to me is a very kind and reasonable season.
It's not too cold or too hot, and the only ice around is in our drinks.
To quote Goldilocks after finding the perfect bed, “It’s just right”.
After all my years of going to school - and after all my years of watching dozens of 'back to school' commercials - it has always felt like a time for new beginnings.

I mean, New Year's on January first always got lost in the Christmas excitement.
And it was never, ever, really the start of anything.
But with September... well...
As Kathleen Kelly, in You've Got Mail, said, "Don't you just love Autumn... the smell of sharpened pencils!"

Okay... maybe with computers the sharpened pencils smell is a bit dated.
But September is a time to make a fresh start.
It doesn't have to be a big start.
Just finding a new way of walking to work could be the start of a new adventure.
Well, it could!!

September is the time to do something new!

About tonight’s full moon in Pisces…
It’s also called  "Full Corn Moon”.

According to the folks at
This is the final Super Moon this year!  Pay close attention to your goals!   The new Moon in Virgo on August 25 highlighted order, organization and the value of routine. 
The next two weeks are ideal for shuffling your schedule to make it more efficient, and de-cluttering both your commitments and your space.

This Pisces Full Moon is wired with feminine energies. 
It forms a grand water trine with three of the major asteroids: Vesta and Ceres in Scorpio and Juno in Cancer, with Vesta in Scorpio enhancing our emotional power to help resolve outstanding relationship issues and find integration.

It is time to dispel the illusion that we are separate from each other and from the Earth.  Pisces teaches us we are all One, just as we are individuals. 
The question this Pisces Full Moon poses us is why did we incarnate at this moment of human history?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed now. If you're naturally thin-skinned, make sure you give yourself plenty of alone-time to replenish your energy and soothe your nervous system… if you're thick-skinned, be extra-aware of the sensitivities of others. 

Full Moons and Pisces (the deepest-feeling sign of the zodiac) are both known for amplifying emotions, so use this time to slow down, connect with your spirituality, and make changes that will make you feel healthier and happier: Watch a sunset, meditate, or listen to beautiful music.

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