Saturday, May 20, 2017

I'm Turning 60... has reached 500,000 Visitors!!


I’m honoured and delighted to see that 500,000 people have found 'I'm Turning 60...' since I first began writing this blog on October 20, 2009. I really hope that each of you found a recipe that you liked and that you’ve decided to try other recipes in my blog.

According to the stats, people from the United States account for over 250,000 visits, while Canadians account for about 50,000.
The other top visitors are from Malta, Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine and Romania. 

During the years there have also been visitors from Turkey, Italy, Finland, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Thailand, Slovakia, Ireland, Denmark, Bangladesh, Sweden, Israel, Moldova, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Greece, Kenya, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Brazil, Bermuda, Namibia, Cyprus, India, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Madagascar and China.

During the past month there have also been visitors from Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Lithuania, Pakistan, Bolivia, Armenia, Luxembourg,  Latvia, St. Lucia, Indonesia and Argentina!
It is a small world after all!!

'I'm Turning 60...' continues to be more popular than my other blog, 
If you live in Winnipeg or are planning to come for a visit - or you're just curious - please take a look at it.

Okay… enough with stats, numbers and countries. 
Let’s get back to the recipes which deserve the credit for all these visits!
If you haven’t already, please do try the recipes on these lists.
They’re not popular because people don’t like them!

Here are the current all time top ten posts:

During the past month these have been the top posts:

During the Easter season these were popular posts:

The popularity of these posts tells me a few things:
You want traditional recipes, both for regular meals and holiday dinners.
You like easy recipes, such as the Peppers and Egg Sandwiches, as well as challenging recipes, such as Pizza RusticaYou also like cheesecake recipes.
Some of you are on the lookout for recipes that you had enjoyed eating in restaurants.
I was very touched to see that a few stories I had recycled from my radio hosting days are still being read.

Okay… holidays will always be with us. I’ll start post more recipes for Christmas and Easter, and not just Italian and Maltese recipes. Some traditional holiday favourites, like fruitcakes and peppernuts, are better if they’re baked in advance and given a few months to ripen.
I’ll post some easy recipes that will be handy for when you’re in a rush, as well as a few challenging recipes for when you want to impress your guests.
I’ll also post a few more cheesecake recipes, as well as recipes cooks shared when we were on vacations.

I was on the radio for nine years. I have quite a few stories that I wrote for the shows that haven’t been posted on this blog. Here's hoping that you'll enjoy them, too.

I'm also pleased to see that people have been reading the twice monthly posts that have information about the moon, stars and planets. Yes, they are also the posts that often have a recipe for an alcoholic drink, along with a few fun facts.

Since I don’t post on a daily basis, why not become a subscriber?
It’s easy and free to submit your email address. That way you can be sure that you won’t miss a recipe. 
And you won't miss anything interesting happening in the night sky.

I'd also like comments.  Really.  
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Thanks again for visiting!
Hope to see you again real soon!


  1. Congrats on your milestone, Marg. That is indeed quite an achievement. Keep on doin' what you're doin!

    1. Thank you, Doreen!
      Blogging has been a fun way for me to meet people who share my interest in Maltese / Italian (and other) recipes.

      Congrats to you, too! I'm really impressed by how you have become such a chocolate expert and world traveller through your blog


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