Saturday, October 30, 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word - Being 60 (week 26 - by Margaret Ullrich)

Winnipeg has just held another General Civic Election.
Sam Katz won his third term.
The people have spoken.

Well, some of them.

Okay... the weather was awful.  Something called a weather bomb suddenly plunged us into winter winds.  There was a better turnout - 48 % - than we had in 2006, when only 38.2 % bothered to vote.

In 1998 more than half - 53.6 % - of the voters took the time to make their voices heard.  And 58.77 % voted in the the Mayor Byelection in 2004.  That election was held in June.

Is it just because of the weather?
Are we turning into wusses?

Voting is a big part of Democracy.
In some countries people risk their lives to vote.
In Australia anyone who doesn't vote gets fined.

Winnipeggers are too damn lazy to throw on a jacket and vote?

In Winnipeg's North End we're facing another election on November 29.

Last weekend there was a triple shooting in the North End.  One victim, Samantha Stevenson, is a 13-year-old girl.  Parents are afraid to let kids go trick or treating, so a community party is going to be held to keep them safe.

The North End is notorious for low voter turn out.

Come on, people.  
These are the folks who make the decisions on how you are living.
On how safe your streets are.

Mike Sutherland, the president of the Winnipeg Police Association which backed Katz, said his group will make sure Katz keeps his promise to hire 58 more officers.  Mike also has great faith in a helicopter's ability to protect kids.

The helicopter might help - if our famous elm trees aren't in full bloom, providing lots of cover on what's happening in the streets.

People in the community have ideas on what will improve the area.
Ideas beyond a cop in the sky.
It doesn't do any good to just stay home and keep those ideas to yourself.

Get off your asses and vote.

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