Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anna Sultana's Ravjuletti bl-Irkotta / Deep fried Ravioli Appetizers, Maltese Style

Have leftover ravjul?
Need an appetizer? 
You're all set.

Small, deep-fried ravjul is a popular Maltese appetizer.
These are a little different from the ravjul we made last week.
They're smaller, hence the -etti added to the name.
The filling is also different.
Make both.

Well, not this week.

                        Ravjuletti bl-Irkotta

Rub together
250 g  flour
60 g shortening
1 egg yolk
enough water to make a dough
Roll dough out very thinly, form into long strips about 10 cm wide.


400 g ricotta
3 eggs 
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt

The filling should be placed on the lower half of the pastry strip 
a teaspoonful at a time about 4 cm apart.
Turn the upper half of the pastry over the lower part, covering the filling.
After moistening your fingers, press down the sides of each ravjola.  
Cut each ravjola with a pastry cutter.
Prick each ravjola with a fork and deep fry till golden on both sides.
Drain on paper towels and serve hot.

Oh, if you're boiling these, like regular ravjul, don't prick them.
If you're frying the other ravjul, prick them.

No, I don't know why.

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