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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prayer to A Saint by Margaret Ullrich

Just one more sleep.
All Hallows Eve.

Recently I posted about the feastdays of All Souls and All Saints.
I also posted about Danny Thomas and St. Jude.

Timing or what?

But there are many more saints.
I've received a few e mails asking for prayers for special patron saints.
Also for prayers for special concerns.
Some saints are experts at handling special problems.

It's true...
Some saints are specialists:
St. Joseph is the patron of workers.
St. Dymphna helps those who are mentally afflicted.
St. Peregrine is famous as "The Cancer Saint".
St. Anthony Mary Claret is known for helping those suffering from cancer, 
heart trouble, and other serious ailments of soul and body.

St. Anthony (St. Francis's friend) is known as the Wonder-Worker.
He's also something of a detective.
There's a famous quickie prayer to him:
Good St. Anthony, come around.
Something's lost, that must be found.

Have something on your mind?
Here's a prayer that every saint will accept.
They're saints.
They're sympathetic.

                        Prayer to Any Saint

Glorious Saint N. (my beloved patron), you served God 
in humility and confidence on earth.
Now you enjoy His beatific vision in heaven.
You persevered till death and gained the crown of eternal life.

Remember now the dangers and confusion and anguish
that surround me, and intercede for me in my needs and troubles
especially (Here make your request).

Also say an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

I know we're talking saints, but don't forget your manners.

                        Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you
for all the graces and favors which you have given us
through the prayers of your Saint N.

Great Saint N., we thank you
for your intercession in response to our prayers.
We will always be grateful to you.

Continue to intercede for our needs and in our difficulties.
Be with us particularly in the hour of death
that we may face that decisive moment with courage and serenity.

Just a reminder, praying a novena means the prayers are said for 
nine consecutive days.
Some people also say them six or nine times a day.

Novena is from the Latin root nov, which means nine.
Yes, November was once the nineth month.
It got changed.
A long time ago.
I don't know why.

Don't you have enough problems?

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