Sunday, October 2, 2011

VOTE!!! by Margaret Ullrich

Lately it seems like all we Canadians do is vote.
I know...
What, again?
How many months has it been?
Been there, done that. 

Familiarity breeds contempt.

But, really, this is a new election.
Not the same candidates as we had a few months ago.
No, really.

It's none of my business who you vote for.
I'm tired of the commercials, too.
In a perfect world, they'd be able to keep all their promises.
The world's not perfect, so we just do the best we can.
ple disagre

And don't get me started on the Facebook know-it-alls.
You know what I mean...
They fill the wall with links to articles and videos.
All for your benefit, because of course you didn't know.
If you did, you'd agree with them.


You're smart enough.
You're informed enough.
You're aware enough.

You count!!
Please VOTE!!! 

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