Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Solar Eclipse Done Told Me by Margaret Ullrich

Okay…  I've been 63 for a week.
All in all, it was a pretty good week.

The snow is gone.
Mother Nature has finally decided to go into her Spring mode.
Yes, we still have to get through a few below-freezing nights.
But we're used to that in the prairies.
I won't plant my garden until after June first.
That's one lesson I, a former easterner, learned the hard way.

Last weekend I enjoyed a lovely day out with friends.
As I get older I've found that friends are more important than relatives.
Friends are chosen because of shared interests.
Shared DNA doesn't necessarily mean shared anything else.
Sibling - or relative - rivalry is not confined to one's childhood.
And, after 60, time is too valuable to waste with relative strangers.

A couple of days ago I did some Facebook weeding.
It was becoming a tiresome wall of really old cliches.
And no, a different picture doesn't make a quote less of a repeat.
I mean, how many times can anyone look at
Grandchildren make growing old sooooo worth it.

With one cartoon or another, it's usually posted by the same three grannies.
No one ever likes or comments.
And the old dears never comment on posts or talk about anything else.
I'm sorry, but there's more to life than their children's children.

Sure, little kids are cute.
But, when one has never met the pre-teens, they are strangers.
And, let's be honest, who knows what they'll be like in a few years.
I mean, even Hitler was once somebody's cutesy wootsy little grandson.

While in the library I picked up a copy of Feng Shui Your Life by Tisha Morris.
The cover says it's the quick guide to decluttering your home and renewing your life.
Well, it is time I decluttered my home.
To be honest, after a few decades of cluttering, it probably won't be quick.
But it can be done.

Tonight there will be a new moon.
According to the folks at
A major solar eclipse will occur in Taurus on May 10, forcing you to take a good, hard look at some aspect of your life in preparation for a major change. 
You don't need to figure out all the details immediately, but you should spend the next few days and weeks formulating a plan of action. 
If you don't make the change on your own accord, the universe will do it for you, and the results will be a lot less pleasant than if you'd taken responsibility yourself.

A new moon is a time for new beginnings.
Alrighty, then, I can take a hint and start making changes.

On to another week of being 63.

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