Friday, May 24, 2013

The Mall of America, a Tornado and Feng Shui by Margaret Ullrich

Tomorrow is Full Moon number five for 2013.
My first Full Moon since turning 63.
All in all, it's been a very good month.

Paul and I went on a small trip to the National Model Railroaders Association's Convention in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis.
It was nice seeing friends we hadn't seen for a year.
The Convention was held at the Best Western Mall of America, across the street from the Mall of America.
We'd never been in the Mall of America before.
Actually we weren't interested in shopping there.
But, just so we wouldn't get the What, you were there and you didn't go! reaction from friends, we went in one entrance, watched the kids play on the rides, snapped a few pictures, took a sharp left and walked to and through the first floor of Macy's.
So, we can honestly say we went to the Mall of America.
I will admit the MoA is huge - four stories tall!

If you're planning to shop at the MoA, I'd suggest staying at the Day's Inn Plymouth.
The price is right, and the rooms are clean, comfortable and quiet.
The breakfast, with make your own waffles, is also very good.
It's located at the corner of I-494 and HWY 55.
St. Paul and the Mall of America are only 20 minutes away.
Now you know.

We had just gotten back to our room and turned on the news when tornado warnings started.
There was a horrific tornado in Moore, near Oklahoma City.
We didn't have any storms during our drive home, as we did in 2011.
For which we are very grateful.

I read through the book and it has some interesting ideas.
I love the Chinese proverb:
If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home.
I wonder how big the 27 things have to be?
A dish, a knick knack, a dust bunny?

Tisha has a carefully worked out plan for decluttering.
She had the job divided into 27 chapters - a chapter for each step.
And the steps were grouped into four phases.

Well, I needed to redesign the plan.
Some of the steps are going to take a few days.
Maybe even weeks.
I fully intend to hit all 27 steps.
Just not according to her four-phase plan.
So, sue me.
She did say taking baby steps was a good idea.
I have to declutter at a prenatal rate.

I started with a phase one item: Keep doorways clear.
No problem.
Our doorways are clear.
So far, so good.
On to another phase one item: Clear hallways and corridors.
No corridors, no problem.
We have a tiny hallway on our second floor.
Just wide enough for two people to walk together.
Nothing's there to be cleared away.
I never thought it could spare any room for clutter.
I jumped into phase three and cleaned my windows.
Okay, I had planned to do that as soon as it stopped snowing anyway.
Three items checked off.
That's enough for a start.

About tomorrow's full moon...
According to the folks at
Nobody's at a loss for words as a Venus-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini accompanies this belief-driven lunar eclipse... finding accurate information right now is like trying to pick a needle out of a haystack… Don't become so emotional that you're unable to use common sense to make important decisions… this eclipse will help you create a better life for yourself!

Alrighty then, I will try to use common sense!
On to making a better life!


  1. It was nice seeing you guys again. I love going to the mall but I don't actually show in most of the stores. Kristen and I like to go and look at stuff we can't afford.

  2. Hi, Missy,

    It was nice seeing you guys again, too! The MoA is impressive, but our heads tend to swim after seeing a few stores. The convention sure kept us busy!



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