Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feng Shui and My Least Favourite Room, part 2 by Margaret Ullrich

Tonight will be new moon number eight for 2013.

It's been a whole month since the last full moon.
And I'm still working on the same project I started a month ago

Make your least favourite room your favourite.

I'm still working in baby steps.
That room is not really that big.
There's just so much crap in it.

The worst of it is over.
But it's going to take some more time.
I'm handling the stagnant energy a section at a time.
Half the room is free from stagnant energy.
The other half… don't ask.
         Actually, it doesn't look too bad, if I do say so myself.
         But I know it will never become my favourite room.

         According to Tisha's list…
  • determine what is my least favourite room.
  • determine what it is about the room I don't like.  
  • envision what I would like the room to be.
  • completely clear everything out of the room to remove stagnant energy.
  • clean the room: vacuum, mop, dust, paint the walls.
  • create my vision… only put in it what I love… be creative.

It's been my least favourite because it was a mess.
I would like it to be an uncluttered room, no more and no less.
My vision?
I don't really need anything like a retreat or a sewing room.
I prefer working in my kitchen.
The view from the large picture window is my favourite scene.
Especially in the summer when I can see my garden, the birds and the sky.

That's another reason why that room has been my least favourite room.
In houses built in the 1980s the windows in the smaller bedrooms are high.
It's impossible to look through them, whether you're in bed or at a desk.
It's supposed to make the room safer for young children.
But the lack of a view makes it feel like a closet.
And no amount of clutter tossing can change that.

Poor little room… it's safe but lacks a view.
In a few more weeks I hope it will be a tidy room.
With all of the garbage gone.
But it will never, never be my favourite room.
The things I love are in my bedroom and kitchen.
And that's enough for me.

It can serve as a guest room, when needed.
It will never be a room I can really use for myself.
         I mean, how many sanctuaries can anyone use?
         Lotus flowers and their murky roots do not a room make.
         I need to be able to see outside.

About tonight's new moon...
According to the folks at astrology.com:   A new Moon always signals a fresh beginning, and this one in the Fire sign of Leo is sure to ignite your creativity and passion! Don't let anything hold you back from pursuing your goals now… 
the more original you are, the more likely you are to get the attention and help you need…  Whatever you do, start something…  invest in something that you'd like to see become more important in your life.

Summer is almost over.
I want to get out more and enjoy it.
I also have a few projects I'd like to start now.

I'll declutter my least favourite room when there's time.
Even if the room were empty, it would never be important in my life.
I won't let it hold me back from more important things.


  1. Margaret - I so need to de-clutter the room where I keep my pc - such a welter of paper not to mention the better half's surpls wardrobe and other stuff... I would feel so much better if it was tidier but lack the energy to figure out what to do with all the stuff.

  2. Hi, Carole,

    We just got back from a vacation. Nothing like living from a suitcase in motels to make one realize how little one actually needs :-)

    Seriously, things just gather in a home over the years and it isn't any fun to do purges. Just take it in baby steps.

    Rooting for you!


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