Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween, Feng Shui, Reunions, Dr. Who and My Christmas Cactus by Margaret Ullrich

Tonight there will be new moon number eleven.
It just missed adding a bit of light to Halloween for the kiddies.
Ah, Halloween… even kids from countries that don't have the Christian / Celtic background are getting into the fun of trick or treating.

And what could possibly be wrong with a bit of fun?
We're not as easily duped as folks had been by the 1938 broadcast of Orson Welles' radio drama The War of the Worlds.
But there's always something.

About my project from Tisha Morris' book Feng Shui Your Life...  

Make your least favourite room your favourite.

I tossed out a third whole, roll out, big blue cartloads of recyclable stuff.
As Tisha said:
It is our intention that creates our future.
integrate your positive energy into the room, then you will be drawn to it.

I'm not drawn to that room any more than I ever was.
I'm just happy I don't hate it any more.

My elementary school classmates just celebrated our 50th anniversary.
Yes, I know, we actually graduated from grade 8 in June, 1963.
This is closer to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy.
But this was just the best time for everyone to get together.
And there aren't any reunion police checking up on anyone.

Sometimes you can count on something happening at the same time every year.
EquinoxesSolstices… Midsummer longest day, December shortest day.
They know exactly when these things will happen years in advance.
Without this dependability we wouldn't have things like astrology.

And sometimes science fiction and fantasy writers have a bit of fun with it.
As they did in the Doctor Who episode The Girl Who Waited.
By the by, Dr. Who is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this Autumn.

But sometimes things just happen when they happen.
Like the reunion.
And like the flower I just found on my Christmas cactus.
Really.  I just glanced at the plant in my kitchen and saw it had a flower.
Just in time for Halloween.
So much for the name Christmas cactus.
It doesn't matter.
The flower is beautiful whenever it blossoms.

Dependability is a good thing.
But at times it's nice to see things out of the ordinary, too.
Keeps things from getting dull… and too dependable.

About tonight's new moon… according to the folks at
Watch for a busy news cycle since an eclipse in Scorpio is known for revealing secrets, upsetting the balance of power, and bringing a fair amount of drama into people's lives… 
don't let your emotions make your decisions... be as thoughtful as possible. 
As this eclipse closes one cycle and begins another, let go of something to make way for new experiences. Consider ridding yourself of longtime bad habits, as well as anyone who doesn't have your best interests at heart. 
Invest in something you want to see grow and become more important in your life. 

Once the next full Moon arrives on November 17, you'll have a chance to stand back and take a look at everything you've accomplished!

Alrighty then… out with the bad habits and people, in with the good.
Keep a lid on the emotions, more or less.

And enjoy life's little surprises.

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