Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anna Sultana's Kawlata - Vegetable Soup with Meat, Maltese Style

Some people are vegetarians.
And some people are not.
Some people are satisfied with a meatless soup.
And some people are not.

I posted the recipe for Ma's Brodu taċ-Ċanga a while ago.
It's a recipe for soup that uses beef.
But just like with Ma's Minestra or vegetable soup, Ma had another recipe.

This recipe uses cubed pork or sliced Maltese sausages.
Or any sausages you prefer.
Or were on sale.

For this amount of vegetables, the recipe calls for 
2 pounds pork or 1 pound Italian sausages - cut into bite-sized pieces.
If you prefer more or less meat, no problem.
It's a fine line between a soup and a stew.


Chop and place in a large pot
2 zucchini
4 potatoes
2 onions
about a pound of pumpkin
1 small cabbage
1 small caulifower
2 turnips
2 tomatoes
2 carrots
2 pounds pork, cubed or 1 pound Italian sausages, sliced 

3 Cups water
1 teaspoon tomato paste
salt, pepper, oregano or basil - suit yourself
Bring to a boil, then let simmer 30 minutes.

2 tablespoons lard or butter or oil - your choice
1/2 pound small pasta
Simmer until the pasta is done, about 7 minutes.
Serve with Parmesan or Romano cheese.

Crusty bread also goes well with the soup.

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