Saturday, April 26, 2014

Carmela Soprano's Prosecco Bellini - Prosecco Peach Dessert

I hope you’ve been enjoying a few adventures with limoncello.
There were a few other wines quickly mentioned in Entertaining with The Sopranos.
One of them is prosecco.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine, served as Champagne is, but easier on the wallet. 
It is aged in tanks and goes from vine to table in less than two years.
It is light and dry with a fruity aroma and a lower alcohol level than most wines. 
Serve it chilled as an apéritif, with appetizers or a dessert.
But do give it a try.

Prosecco can also be used as an ingredient in an easy and quick dessert/drink.

                        Prosecco Bellini for 1 

Per person combine
1 part peach puree
3 parts chilled Prosecco

Serve in a champagne flute.
Garnish with a fresh peach slice.

                        Prosecco Bellini for 12

Combine in a punch bowl
1 quart peach puree
3 quarts chilled Prosecco
1 Tablespoon lemon juice

fresh peach slices

If this interests you, you might also enjoy Ma's recipe for Peaches in Wine.
Carmela Soprano also has a quick fruit/wine dessert: Strawberries in Asti Spumante.

Want to avoid the booze?  No problem.
This is an easy recipe for a Peaches and Cream Dessert.

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