Friday, April 18, 2014

Living la Vida Oprah, part 3 by Margaret Ullrich

Back to Robyn Okrant’s book Living Oprah… 
April brought Clarity, enlightenment and highlighters
Obeying Oprah, with all her contradictions, is giving Robyn nightmares.
One minute it’s "No emotional eating" then it’s  "Enjoy a huge ice cream dessert".
Is Oprah confused, or is she having mood swings?
Why chide an audience for wastefulness, then give an SUV as a gift?
Does she know what she is saying, or is she merely reading cue cards?

The lines between Oprah as a person, a mentor and a marketing power are blurred.
Her choosing Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose for her webinar reminded me of the Beatles.
The Beatles wrote great music, no argument there.
But follow the Maharishi as a spiritual guide because they had said so?
Yeah… I remember how enlightened their fights were by the end of the 60s.

Robyn thought it was brave that Oprah chose Eckhart Tolle for the book club.
Sure, she wasn’t alive when the Beatles were at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram.

May brought celebrities and Oprah’s suggestion to view her show on past life regression with an open mind.
Robyn thinks that when Oprah said, "I don’t get excited about a lot of things" that it meant that Oprah is so vital that she would be bored if she stopped growing.
Personally, if I heard a friend say she no longer got excited about most things in life, I’d be worried that she was clinically depressed.
But maybe that’s because I’m older and have seen a few friends having problems.

May was also the month of the 21 day vegan cleanse.
Easy for Oprah, she has a professional chef; most of the audience doesn’t.
Robyn is beginning to tire of Oprah’s focus on women’s bodies, specifically the weight of those bodies.
There was also a recipe for Donald Trump’s hugely overpriced turkey burger.
No, I won’t make that.

June was the month of Living with less while dreaming of more.
Oprah also said, "I think everybody should have a little garden."
I like gardening, but many don’t, and I wouldn’t tell everybody to do it.

Robyn has to move due to a rent increase and hates having to get rid of books.
Now there’s something else I have in common with her.
About books… Oprah assigned "The Five Books Everyone Needs to Read Once… they will blow open your understanding of the world."
Not really.  I’d already read three, and don’t see what the fuss is about.
The month ended with making a vision board as in the book and movie The Secret.  
As in "If you want it, you’ll get it… all your problems are your fault."  Give me a break!

In July Robyn coped with her own growing fame when there was a piece about her blog in a free weekly newspaper and she was invited to be a guest on a radio program.
She’s upset at losing her anonymity and has to make compromises.
This gave Robyn a few insights into Oprah’s life, its compromises and its difficulties.
While not making the same kind of money, Robyn feels Oprah’s pain.

The Dalai Lama quote Robyn had seen at Kripalu (a healthful living retreat in Massachusetts) summed it up quite nicely:
Through compassion, you find that all human beings are just like you.

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