Thursday, April 24, 2014

Living la Vida Oprah, part 4 by Margaret Ullrich

Going through Autumn in Robyn Okrant’s book Living Oprah… 
The August shows were inspired by the campaigns leading to the October election.
Oprah supports the Democrat candidate, Obama.
She had a few shows about how badly America was doing under the Republicans.
The anti-Republican shows - coincidence or what?

Robyn is noticing that, since January, she has become more aware of her appearance.
She’s becoming sick of seeing Dr. Mehmet Oz as a celebrity and possible spin off.
She’s also having problems with the advice, sales pitches and Oprah’s metaphors.

By September Oprah's wifely advice from the 50s was becoming a problem.
Maybe if Oprah were married she’d have more insights into modern marriages.
Robyn admitted that the project was making life difficult for her husband, Jim.
The article “48 Decisions We’ve Made for You” appeared in O.
Presumably, as head of the organization, Oprah condoned the piece.
Another topic in O magazine, “5 Friends Every Woman Should Have”, was so adolescent that it was embarrassing.
Oprah’s shows were about Barack Obama and folks who were survivors.
Oprah told her audience they had to see a live Céline Dion performance.
Robyn doesn't like Céline.  No matter, she has to go to a show.

October brought Robyn to a couple of realizations, Oprah's Aha moments.
Robyn is worried about being able to take responsibility for her decisions after obeying Oprah for a whole year.
While many of the shows had been on self care, Robyn doesn’t think Oprah will take care of herself by lightening up on all her projects and ventures.
Robyn also guested on NBC’s The Today Show, where fans called her “Oprah Lady!”
She doesn’t like losing her identity and becoming “Oprah Lady”.

Robyn decided to return a free Kindle she’d received from Oprah.
She felt it compromised the opinions expressed in her project, and her integrity.
One wonder why Oprah didn’t realize that it was unethical before sending the gift.
Some of Robyn’s readers were angered by her decision, others respected it.
Yes, success is complicated.

Oprah made a few announcements: “Do what you love and the money will come.”
Also “I don’t believe in luck.  I think luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”  
These statements didn’t sit well with Robyn.

In Robyn’s notes for 10/23 she quoted Oprah: “Following your passion, allowing yourself to be paid for what you love will give you a meaningful life.” (SHOW)
In response Robyn wrote: “Well I am following my passion. And I’m allowing myself to get paid for what I love. And I know the universe will shower me with salary any moment now.  Any moment… Universe?… (O)

Even Robyn realizes that attaining financial success is more complicated than implied by Oprah’s simplistic views.

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