Saturday, April 11, 2015

Links for Cheesecake and Cheese Recipes

Have you heard?
A Lego set version of the sitcom Golden Girls' iconic kitchen and living room has swept the Internet.
And the set comes with a Lego cheesecake.

Well, it had to, didn’t it?
No matter the time of day, whatever the problem, the girls had a cheesecake.

Ah, cheesecake!!

Is there any problem that can happen to any woman, at any age, that can’t be helped by a slice of cheesecake.
Or anything that has cheese in it.

In honour of the Lego Golden Girls, here is a list of the links for 'I'm Turning 60's top cheesecake and creamy, cheesy recipes.


       - Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk


Carmela Soprano's Cassata / Iced Sponge Cake with Ricotta Filling

Carmela Soprano's La Pastiera - Easter Ricotta Pie, Italian Style

Carmela Soprano's Pasticiotti / Tartlets with Vanilla Cream Filling

       - Italian Easter Pie with Ricotta and Meat

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