Monday, September 16, 2013

Anna Sultana's Fried Lampuki - Fried Fish, Maltese Style

In Malta its Lampuki Season.
In Winnipeg, Manitoba - the heart of Canada - it's not.
Oh, well, this is a simple fish recipe.
So, use what you have.

About lampuki
Other names for it are dorado, mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish.
No, it's not the endangered marine mammal dolphin.

It is a surface-dwelling fish found in temperate, tropical and subtropical 
waters, such as the Caribbean, the Arabian Sea, and also off the coasts of 
Malta, Australia, Japan and Hawaii.
So, no it's not in the lakes in Manitoba. 

Dorado, or mahi-mahi  is classified as a moderate mercury fish. 
It's safe to eat six servings or fewer per month.
No problem doing that here in Manitoba.

For this recipe it's best to get a fish with a bit of density to it.  
Sole will get a bit leathery in this recipe.
Ma used bluefish, especially when Pop bought some fresh from the returning fishermen in Sheepshead Bay on Long Island.  
Haddock also works well.

Dorado is also a source of ciguatera poisoning.
Symptoms can last to as long as 20 years, often leading to long-term disability.
So maybe it's just as well to substitute haddock and bluefish.

                        Fried Lampuki

Combine on a plate
1/2 Cup flour
salt and pepper

Cut into slices across the bone
1 kilo lampuki, cleaned
Dip the slices into the seasoned flour.
Fry the slices in hot oil until golden brown.

Serve with a salad and pan-fried potatoes.

You might also like to try Ma's recipe for Torta tal-Lampuki, Lampuki Pie,
and Ma's recipe for Lampuki with Piquant Sauce, Lampuki biz-zalza pikkanti.

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